‘Wolf Joe’ Introduces Canadian Kids to New Indigenous Heroes

Joe on log rescues Maymay

MediaRendezVous and Amberwood Entertainment, in collaboration with Turtle Lodge, are pleased to announce that the animated preschool series Wolf Joe has commenced broadcast on TVOkids, Knowledge Network, TFO and Société Radio-Canada. These broadcasters will launch new episodes each week. Wolf Joe is also streaming live on the popular TVOkids YouTube Channel, tvokids.com and knowledgekids.ca.

The series, created by Alexander Bar, follows the adventures of Joe, Nina and Buddy as they play outdoors, learn about nature and do good deeds to help their community of Turtle Bay. Joe, Nina and Buddy are inspired and empowered by the universal values of the traditional Seven Sacred Teachings and their spirit animals of Wolf, Lynx and Bear that connect them to their Anishinaabe culture. On completing everyday challenges, they are rewarded with a deeper understanding of these teachings in a fun way that will resonate with kids around the world.

“My hope with the Wolf Joe series is that children will gain an understanding of a belief system of the Indigenous people,” said Elder Dr Dave Courchene Nii Gaani Aki Inini  (Leading Earth Man) Anishinaabe Nation, Eagle Clan, Turtle Lodge Founder. “We held a ceremony at the Turtle Lodge to begin the process of sharing our Seven Sacred Teachings in the Wolf Joe series, to ensure the Spirit would guide us. The animals that are associated with these teachings remind us that nature teaches us many things.”

Marney Malabar, Director of TVOkids, said, “We are excited to share the stories and teachings of Turtle Bay with TVOkids audiences everywhere. This show embraces a rich heritage and important teachings, as shared by Indigenous people and their elders. Any parent or teacher looking to connect children to Indigenous culture and stories should consider watching this series as something to enjoy together, and a foundation for deeper discussion of history, connection and human values.”

This series promotes and embraces diversity, helping children everywhere to understand and celebrate their rich cultural differences as well as their many similarities. Wolf Joe also shares Ojibwe language, empowers kids to play outside and demonstrates many important human values.

“If the children can be introduced to these teachings from the animal world, they will learn to be kind, other people will want to be around them, their parents and elders will be proud of them,” added Courchene, who helped ensure the overall authenticity of the show and its accurate reflection of these honored Anishinaabe teachings. “My participation was to share what I believe is the foundation of our identity as the First People of the homeland that we call Turtle Island.”

The writing team included Indigenous storytellers, the series has an all-Indigenous cast of characters and voice actors (all Métis and First Nations) who were directed by Indigenous dialogue directors. Music for the series was provided by Justin Delorme, Indigenous musician and composer, with animation from Big Jump Entertainment, Ottawa.

Media RendezVous is one of Canada’s leading Indigenous-owned full-service multi-platform content producers specializing in the financing and production of high-quality children’s, documentary, music, variety and drama programming.

Amberwood is a Canadian-based independent producer, financier and distributor of high-quality animated and live-action content for kids and families.

Wolf Joe

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