Alexander Bar

CEO, Executive Producer, TV Show Creator and Author

Alexander Bar

Alexander Bar is an Emmy-winning TV show creator, producer and author and is the founder and CEO of Milkcow Media.

Prior to moving with his family from London, England to Toronto in 2015, Alexander created a number of award winning preschool TV shows which have since become international hits, most notably, ‘Ricky Zoom’ (2019), ‘Kody Kapow’ (2017), ‘Ranger Rob’ (2015), ‘Mike the Knight’ (2009) and ‘Lunar Jim’ (2004).

Alexander retains creative consultancy and producer roles on multiple seasons of these shows and, as well as working on new Milkcow-owned shows, is still currently actively involved in ongoing productions of ‘Ricky Zoom’ (season 2) and ‘Ranger Rob’ (season 3). His most recent shows are ‘Wolf Joe’, a Canadian First Nations preschool show which launched on TVO and other Canadian screens in January 2021 and 'Piper's Pony Tales', a short form preschool series which launched on YouTube in March 2021.

Alexander is also a children’s book author (‘Toby and Tabitha’ published by Walker Books in 2017) and creator of comic strips; ‘Captain Handsome’ (The Dandy, 2005), ‘Bad Habits’ (The Reform Magazine, 2004), ‘Chlorophyll’ (The New Internationalist, 1988) and ‘Lunar Jim’ (The Young Telegraph, 1996).

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