Wolf Joe

Joe is a young First Nations boy who, with his two best friends, Nina and Buddy, has fun-filled, kid-friendly adventures in Turtle Bay, a beautiful Ojibwe community in Northern Canada. Through super hero role play, Joe, Nina and Buddy are inspired and empowered by the universal values of the seven traditional teachings and the spirit animals of Wolf, Lynx and Bear that connect them to their culture. And don’t forget Smudge, the cutest husky puppy ever, who is happy to join Joe, Nina and Buddy and who often needs saving himself!

Genre: 2D, Preschool Series
Rights: Amberwood Entertainment (Ottawa), MediaRendezVous (Winnipeg)
First aired: January 2021
Seasons: Season 1 (46x11’)

Created by: Alexander Bar (also Executive Producer)

Produced by: MediaRendezVous (Winnipeg) & Amberwood Entertainment (Ottawa)

Studios: MediaRendezVous (Winnipeg), Big Jump Entertainment (Ottawa)

TVO, TFO, Radio Canada, Knowledge (Canada), ABC (Australia), SBS (Australia), TV5Unis

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