Meddlers is about what lies behind life’s mysteries – both big and small. It’s a 6-11 slapstick comedy series that follows the ups, downs and always reliably destructive adventures of three unlikely miniature misfits, bound by their shared mission to cause mayhem and meddle unseen in an old apartment building – avoiding cars, dogs, vacuum cleaners, mouse traps and most of all, being found out! Think of them as the elves’ ugly cousins, twice removed. Meddlers are the poor relation of the magical world, drawn to high risk, no frills and some would say, completely pointless pursuits. Meddlers are curious and naturally like to taste, tweak, explore and poke at anything new, puzzling, shiny or potentially dangerous. Yes, it’s a mad, mad world. And now, you know why.

Genre: CG / Live Action Virtual Production Hybrid, Kids & Family, Kids 6-11
Rights: JAM Media, Milkcow Media
First aired: tba
Seasons: tba

Created by: Alexander Bar

Summer on a cat's head

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