The Turtle Lodge partners to launch ‘Wolf Joe’ – A New Indigenous Animated Series for Kids

Joe, Buddy and Nina around a campfire

The Turtle Lodge takes great pride in being a founding partner and collaborator for Wolf Joe – a new animated action adventure series, and a  TVOkids Original.

This exciting and brand-new animated series follows the daily adventures of Joe, a young First Nations boy who, with his two best friends, is inspired by the universal values of The Seven Teachings Wheel to explore his Indigenous culture, heritage and identity.

Created by Alexander Bar with Cultural Consultant, Elder Dr. Dave Courchene, ‘Wolf Joe’ is a collaborative partnership between the Turtle Lodge, Media Rendezvous and Amberwood Entertainment.

TVOKids will premiere the show on January 10, 2021 (Sunday) at 7:05 am EST (6:05 am CST) with repeats Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:10 am EST (10:10 am CST).

Wolf Joe will launch on the Knowledge Network January 11, 2021at 11:45 am EST (10:45 am CST).

Wolf Joe has also been licensed to SBS Australia, a major network group that emphasizes Indigenous culture.

Check out Wolf Joe with your kids and be inspired by The Seven Sacred Teachings!    Check out the Wolf Joe trailer!

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4 thoughts on “The Turtle Lodge partners to launch ‘Wolf Joe’ – A New Indigenous Animated Series for Kids”

    1. Hello Fran, Thank you for getting in touch and for your comments. At this point, the series has only been produced in English and French. There are some elements of Anishinaabe language included in the current English and French versions. Per our Cultural Consultant, Elder Dr Dave Courchene: ” We have been a People that has evolved with a close and sacred connection to Mother Earth. Our way of life as a People is embedded in our languages and the land. That is why we sprinkled a few words of the Anishinaabe language into the series. The language adds spirit to the stories we are sharing.” Best wishes.

    1. Hello Cheryl, Thank you for your interest. The series is currently available to Canadian viewers on TVO and Knowledge Kids and will also launch on TFO and Societe Radio Canada later this year. It is not currently available on DVD. I hope this answers your question. Best wishes

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