Video Statement by Elder Dr. Dave Courchene, Cultural Consultant for ‘WOLF JOE’

Elder Dr Dave Courchene


“Boozhoo! Aniin! N’Dinaymaaginitook!

(Greetings!  All My Relations!)

“Nii Gaani Aki Inini N’Digoo. Kinew N’Dodem. Sagkeeng N’Doonji.  Anishinaabe N’Dao.” 

(My spiritual name is Nii Gaani Aki Inini, which means Leading Earth Man,  I come from the Eagle Clan.  My community is Sagkeeng First Nation.  I am from the Anishinaabe Nation.”)

Watch video of Elder Dr. Dave Courchene speaking about “Wolf Joe”, as transcribed below

A Message from Elder Dr. Dave Courchene, Cultural Advisor to the Wolf Joe Series 12 Jan 2021

“The children’s series of Wolf Joe was created in collaboration and partnership with the Turtle Lodge, Media Rendezvous and Amberwood Entertainment.

My participation was to share what I believe is the foundation of our identity as the First Peoples of our homeland that we call Turtle Island.

We held a ceremony at the Turtle Lodge to begin the process of sharing our Seven Sacred Teachings in the Wolf Joe series, to ensure the Spirit would guide us.

The animals that are associated with these teachings remind us that Nature teaches us many things. We are to treat the Animal World with respect for all it brings to our lives. Not only do the animals bring teachings, they also work hard to keep the balance on the land.

In the order of Creation, we were the last to arrive, as Human Beings.  The Animal World preceded us, so that they could greet us and bring us the teachings that we should live by.

We cannot survive without the Animal World.

These Seven Sacred Teachings are about being a good Human Being. When we live the spirit of these teachings, we can take care of each other, showing kindness, being friendly, generous and considerate of all life.

All these teachings are good for your heart.

My hope with the series of Wolf Joe is that children will receive an understanding of a belief system of the Indigenous People.

We have been a People that has evolved with a close and sacred connection to Mother Earth. Our way of life as a People is embedded in our languages and the land. That is why we sprinkled a few words of the Anishinaabe language into the series. The language adds spirit to the stories we are sharing.

These teachings, learned and lived, can change the world.  We can all learn to love each other and to treat each other with respect and dignity. We can all learn to treat Nature with respect. Everything is connected. Nature gives us everything we need to live and to survive.  What happens to one happens to all.

If the children can be introduced to these teachings from the Animal World, they will learn to be kind. Other people will want to be around them. Their parents and their Elders will be proud of them.

There is nothing more important in life than to live these Seven Sacred Teachings. They will bring you a good life and abundance.”

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