Elder Dr Dave Courchene – A Tribute

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We are greatly saddened to hear of the passing of Anishinaabe Elder and Leading Earth Man, Dr Dave Courchene. 

Elder Dr Dave Courchene was a key collaborator and our Cultural Advisor on the ‘Wolf Joe’ preschool series which launched on TV screens across Canada in January of this year.  We are deeply indebted to him for having provided his invaluable support and cultural guidance to ensure the ‘Wolf Joe’ series remained true to the Seven Sacred Teachings. Elder Dr Dave Courchene was proud of the series and of its important messages to children everywhere.

In Elder Dr Dave Courchene’s own words,

“The animals that are associated with these teachings remind us that Nature teaches us many things. We are to treat the Animal World with respect for all it brings to our lives. Not only do the animals bring teachings, they also work hard to keep the balance on the land.   If the children can be introduced to these teachings from the Animal World, they will learn to be kind. Other people will want to be around them. Their parents and their Elders will be proud of them.  There is nothing more important in life than to live these Seven Sacred Teachings. They will bring you a good life and abundance.”

Thank you Elder Dr Dave Courchene for your calm leadership, your unfailing support and powerful words of wisdom throughout the making of this special TV series.  ‘Wolf Joe’ is just one of the many testaments of how you worked tirelessly to educate others and advocate for a more informed and harmonious way of life.

Alexander Bar

Founder, Milkcow Media and creator of ‘Wolf Joe’

Watch video of Elder Dr. Dave Courchene speaking about the ‘Wolf Joe’ preschool TV series

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